2013 Reading Challenge

I decided to read more in 2012, a pretty vague goal that I barely worked towards. While I did manage to get more into fiction books I found that I still didn’t read more than I had the previous year. In fact, the amount of books I read for pleasure in 2012 is outright embarrassing. So, 2013 needs a new approach.

I bring to myself: The 2013 Reading Challenge.

This year, I will read approximately 1 book a week. Now, before we decide that this lofty goal is unattainable for a graduate student that is stuck reading so much other crap, I will tell you that it is possible.

Not every book has to be insanely long and when Dec. 31, 2013 rolls around I will not be pissed at myself if I only read 47 books instead of 52. There will be times when I cannot finish a book in 7 days due to other commitments, however, I vow to constantly be working through a book everyday.

My book list for this year has begun! This list is in no particular order and some I have already read an plan to re-read. Suggestions welcome =)

1. “The Hobbit,” JRR Tolkien finished Jan 6

2. “The Plague,” Albert Camus-currently reading (Jan 6)

3. “The Alchemist,” Paulo Coehlo

4. “Anna Karenina,” Fyodor Dostoevsky

5. “Corporations are not People,” Jeffrey D. Clements

6. “All in a Don’s Day,” Mary Beard

7. “The Swerve,” Stephen Greenblatt

8. “1984,” George Orwell

9. “Count of Monte Cristo,” Alexandre Dumas

10. “Huckleberry Finn,” Mark Twain

11. “Watership Down,” Richard Adams

12. “The Lord of the Rings,” JRR Tolkien

13. “I, CLaudius,” Robert Graves

14. “Anthem,” Ayn Rand

15. “Catch-22,” Joseph Heller




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