Prevention magazine is full of shit and so is chocolate milk

31 Dec

Someone in my family got a complimentary issue of Prevention and I figured I’d take a look at it while I ate my breakfast this morning. I usually find the advice in magazines like these to be bullshit. You know, the big bold article titles like “Lose 10 Years in 1 Hour,” or “#1 Wrinkle Cure Works Overnight.” I may be a fool in many ways but I am not foolish enough to believe I can look like I am 24 again in 1 hour or de-wrinkle in 8.

However, I am also not so foolish to think that there aren’t people who fall for this kind of “health” advice. The cover photo of this particular issue features Dr. Oz, a man that many Americans look to for health and fitness advice. I’d assume that the line of thinking from a Prevention reader would go something like this, “Oh, WORD, Dr. Oz is on the cover and since he’s a legit doctor I am can probs take whatever is in here as truth with confidence.” I don’t think that way about Prevention or Dr. Oz, but I am sure I have fallen victim to this line of thinking in the past. I don’t spend every moment thinking critically either.

I was flipping through this medical bible when I came upon a small little niblet of information that Prevention felt was worth mentioning. Instead of recommending that people decrease their intake of sugar and processed foods to help prevent heart disease, Prevention magazine suggests you increase your consumption of CHOCOLATE MILK. I’m not lying. I even took a photo to prove what I saw. Check it:

preventionadI get it. Prevention is trying to suggest that people consume more chocolate because polyphenols found in chocolate are claimed to have antioxidant properties. But why not suggest eating a high quality piece of dark chocolate? If a person doesn’t like dark chocolate than perhaps they should eat other foods that have polyphenols. Sugar is linked to inflammation. Do a google search and you will find list after list of foods to avoid if you are trying to lower your inflammation and sugar is usually on these lists.

Which leads me to this point: chocolate milk is loaded with sugar. In fact, it’s almost as sugary as Coke.

An 8oz container of generic brand chocolate milk, per the information at My Fitness Pal, includes 208 calories and 24 grams of sugar. TWENTY-FOUR GRAMS OF SUGAR! That’s almost 5 teaspoons of sugar.

An 8oz cup of Coke, per the Coke website, includes 100 calories and 27 grams of sugar. Coke, a drink we all know is terrible for us, has only 3 more grams of sugar than the usual chocolate milk. The fact that chocolate milk contains some vitamins and protein is not enough to make up for all the sugar in it.

I won’t ramble on about this anymore because I think I’ve made my point: stay away from chocolate milk. Eat some dark chocolate that is low in sugar and if you don’t like dark chocolate than go eat veggies that have similar antioxidants in them. There is not excuse for chocolate milk, shame on you, Prevention!


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