Salad on a cold day

30 Dec

It’s wintertime here in Southern California and it has been cold and rainy, just how I like it!

I started making a paleo/primal-friendly beef stew for lunch but I realized it wasn’t going to be finished in time for lunch and it would have to be relegated to dinner. I decided to make a salad that is kind of based on a Chef’s Salad that I found at I didn’t have all the ingredients she suggested so I had to ad lib. It turned out not too shabby and even my son and niece gobbled it down. I followed a recipe for a simple Balsamic Vinaigrette  and put the excess in a mason jar for later this week. My 10 yr old LOVED the dressing, an amazing claim since he hates most everything with flavor.


I normally hate salad. I also hate people that claim to love salad, like my sister. Nothing chaps my ass more than a 120lb woman claiming “Oh my god, I just LOVE  salad!” when all I can think about is eating an entire chocolate cake myself.

I was vegan for 13 yrs and I never learned to love salad. Use as much lettuce, nuts, oil, and cabbage as you want, they never fill me up. I have only learned to like salad as an omnivore because I am not stuck trying to make a salad interesting and filling by adding more and more veggies to it. It’s such a relief to add chunks of chicken or shrimp or eggs to a salad to make it satisfying with a smaller portion. Nothing worse than trying to get full on buckets of lettuce. Gross and totally not suited to an omnivore at the top of the food chain.

My salad, as seen in the photo, included organic hearts of romaine, a boiled egg, cooked chicken, shrimp baked in coconut oil, pine nuts, and avocado. I only tossed the dressing with the lettuce because I didn’t want the chicken, avocado, and egg to lose their own unique flavors.

Hopefully the beef stew will be done for dinner and I will have successfully met my goal of eating whole food meals prepared at home. Go me!


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