Why are evenings so difficult?

29 Dec

Only the swirled ones on the left are worth my time.

The holidays have brought sweets into our home.

Normally my dad is pretty strict about sugar in this house. He has changed his health completely after suffering through some stints and is now sugar free 99.9% of the time. Needless to say this means we rarely have cookies, ice cream, or other sweets within reach. However, the holidays have caused a breach in our normally strict routine and I am finding myself to be very vulnerable to their sugary siren song in the evenings.

Yesterday I had done so well: fresh veggie juice and sweet potato hash with eggs for breakfast and a salmon salad for lunch. Dinner was a small piece of steak, some veggies, and a little portion of mashed potatoes. I felt pretty good, until I noticed the gleaming tin of butter cookies that SOMEONE had tried to hide in the pantry. Funny thing is I don’t even really like butter cookies. I like chocolate and I generally feel that any desert that doesn’t include chocolate is hardly worth wasting my time on. So why oh WHY was I unable to avoid consuming 6 butter cookies while standing in the door jamb of the pantry? Did I even enjoy them? Hardly. I mean their butter cookies, not much to enjoy anyway. Had it been a hunk of dark chocolate with almonds then I’d have a different answer because that stuff is delicious. But butter cookies? REALLY? Ok, I admit that the swirled ones without sugar on top are pretty fucking tasty, but those are gone and I ate the non-awesome ones. Why?

What makes me so tempted at night? Was it boredom? I wasn’t bored, I was reading a book my friend got me for Christmas and I was totally into it. Was I something else? I’ve noticed my tendency to binge on food when I am not even hungry has started to increase and I am looking to find out why because it throughs a wrench int he cogs of my otherwise healthy diet.


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